Boost Traffic With Better Title Tags And Meta Description

If your store is already ranking high on Google – Congratulations! But as many merchants have found out, ranking on the first page of Google does not mean much if no one clicks on your link.

This is why it important to invest a bit of time in writing good HTML Title Tags and META Descriptions.

HTML Title Tag

For SEO purposes, a page’s Title Tag should contain its primary keyword. Marketing-wise, it can also be used as a hook to capture the attention of shoppers.

For example, if you have a product page for a product called Nike Zoom Ladies, don’t just use the product name or keyword as the title. SEO-wise, there’s nothing wrong with doing that as the keyword is being used, but it won’t do anything for your store in a marketing sense. Give the viewer a reason to click on your link or at least read the Description below it.

Try writing a more compelling Title while keeping the character count below 70 characters or the tail end of your Title won’t be displayed. Use your keyword as early as possible in the Title and make sure to use Title Case in your sentence: this means that The First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized.

Here’s a little example: Nike Zoom Ladies – $xx – Save xx% Off MSRP.

META Description

If you don’t have a META Description for your product page, Google will just use an excerpt from your page’s content with the search keyword as your page’s META Description. Naturally, it is better to have a description crafted for your product page, rather than one that’s fetched at random. When doing so, keep in mind that again that your excerpt should at least contain that page’s main targeted keyword. The character limit for META Descriptions is 150.

Here’s an example of a META Description: Looking for a lightweight everyday trainer? Get the latest Nike Zoom Ladies now and enjoy FREE Shipping for US orders.

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