Add 100 Products To Your Web Store In Under 15 Minutes

The title may seem a bit far-fetched but it’s not. Conventionally, it may seem impossible to pull this off in such a short span of time because adding products to a web store also means a bit of work – writing product descriptions, setting prices, assigning product codes and uploading images. Usually, this would take hours to complete but this was before the InstanteStore-Doba integration.

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The InstanteStore-Doba integration product adding feature is highly user friendly. Web store owners can not only select products en bloc, but also group them by size, color or any other variation and assign them to a category via the Import Products facility under the Doba heading.

All products already come fully loaded with product codes, related images and product description. The description can still be edited if necessary. Merchants can then set standard mark-ups and discount criteria for all products at once via the Doba Settings feature.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the more popular features to be included in the InstanteStore-Doba integration.

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