Free Ecommerce Web Templates for 2011

One of the most searched-for items on the Net are Free Ecommerce Web Templates. If you frequent Internet-related forums, you will notice that there will always be at least one thread on free ecommerce website templates.

Most paid ecommerce shopping cart software offer a number of free ecommerce templates to their subscribers. For free shopping cart software users, it’s not as convenient as they usually have source their own template designs. They may even have to commission a web designer to create a template for their store and then have the design integrated into in the solution.

New Free Ecommerce Web Templates

This year, InstanteStore is providing more product or niche-centric templates along with generic ones. This is to help those who are just starting out in ecommerce and are unable to afford custom designed templates.

Product centric designs help the elements of a store gel better. Having a good-looking store always helps in terms of sales. Choose from a selection of themes that range from automotive, kids, electronics, decor, health, hobbies, gifts and food. You’re bound to find one that suits your store.

For those of you who intend to run stores that provide a variety of products, you will be impressed with our selection of broader themed templates.

Drag And Drop

One new feature we have added to our new free ecommerce web templates is the drag and drop system. The new template system makes it very easy for users to add, remove, as well as move page elements around. However, we must insist that you exercise a bit of caution and not get too carried away with this system.

During the testing period, we noticed that users tend to place important elements such as the Search Box below eye level or worse still, below the first fold of the page. The Search Box not only helps keep visitors on the site, it is also a great tool to collect search data. Therefore, it should be placed where it can be seen easily and used.

Final Say

If you would like to try out our new template system for yourself, just Sign Up for a Free 30 Day Trial and give it a go. You can also visit our Facebook page and view more of our free ecommerce web templates.

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