Ever Done An SEO Check On Your Site?

Whether you’re a new online site owner or you’ve been in the ecommerce business for quite some time, it’s always wise to do an SEO checkup to make sure everything is in order. This helps you see the condition of your site so that you can make the necessary changes immediately if you spot anything amiss.

Here’s the basic rundown on how you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

Basic SEO Stuff That’s Important

Title tags, headlines, individual page content needs to be written well to capture the attention of both website and search engine visitors. Please don’t overdo it with the keywords although you may need to include in relevant ones along with your brand name. Meta description tags need to have interesting content to appeal to visitors as well. Make sure your pages are internally linked well to guide visitors and for search engines to crawl through well. And of course whatever images that you plan to use needs to be relevant and optimized to your site’s content.

Check For Any Broken Links


If you have a lot of pages, it’s always good to make sure they are all properly linked together as broken links and dead pages could spell trouble. This is especially crucial when you have customers wanting to find out more about your products or are going to make a purchase only to discover the dreaded ‘Page Not Found’. Quick way to check that won’t cost you any money? Try using Broken Link Check.

Is My Site Fast, Slow Or Trailing?

Google Page Insight Tools

Patience may be a virtue but when it comes to making money, everyone’s in a hurry! No one has all the time in the world to wait for your site to load. Even a delay of a few seconds or minutes would get on people’s nerves and you run the risk of losing potential sales if you can’t keep the attention of shoppers on your site long enough for them to browse and buy something. How to check whether your site is fast, slow or trailing? Make use of Google’s Page Insight Tool to check the speed of your site. Not only will it provide you the score, it’ll also list out suggestions to help you improve your site’s performance.

What Does The Search Engine See?

Ever wondered what the search engine sees when it crawls your site? It needs to access your site without running into broken links and dead pages. For the more advanced users, certain codes or added files could very well prevent search engines from crawling your site successfully. Anyway, you can use this Search Engine Simulator to check your site. If you can see your results displayed as text then so can the search engine. It will also display your keywords so this helps if you need to add or remove certain keywords on top of making sure that your site can be indexed by the search engines.

How Is My Site Doing Compared To My Competitors? 


Wouldn’t we all like to know? Like how many and what type of internal and external links do you have compared to your competitors? What about your page authority? These are all very important information to help us see where we are lacking in terms of link building. So getting an overall site link profile will help you see which area needs more work on. You also want to make sure that other sites linking to yours are relevant to your own site’s content as well. Where to check this? Use Open Site Explorer and if you require a more detailed look, you may consider signing up for their subscription package.

If you’ve never done any of the above, it’s high time you start. Need any help? Drop us a ticket and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Till then, have a great weekend!

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