Have You Started Your Mother’s Day 2013 Promotion?

Mother's Day Cupcakes

This year, Mother’s Day 2013 lands on 15th of May. So what better way to get an online promotion out to all your customers, friends and contacts by sending out some newsletters and creating some buzz on social media?

You don’t have to spend a lot of time typing out a long and boring newsletter. Just create one with lots of nice images of some of your best selling products.

Mothers Day Promotion
Mothers Day Promotion
Credit : MyHabit.com

And don’t just think about targeting people to get gifts for mothers. Expand the range so that people could think about getting something for mum AND on top of that something for themselves and their friends.

There’s always plenty of reasons to shop when there’s a sale or promo on. Makes us feel less guilty somehow!

And if it’s the wedding season (depending on where you’re at!), this would be a great time to promote your products as wedding favors and awesome wedding gifts (also depending on what you’re selling).

Promotions could come in the form discounts, gift vouchers or even a free gift when you purchase up to a certain amount. If you need some help putting together an AWESOME banner or front page to spruce up your site, drop us a ticket and we’ll be more than happy to help. So gear up your Mother’s Day 2013 promotions if you haven’t done so and have a great time celebrating with family and friends while making mum happy. Enjoy!

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