Features Update: More Ways to Display Your Front Page Products

I know next Friday is Black Friday (busiest shopping day of the year!) followed by Cyber Monday (busiest online shopping day of the year!) .  It’s going to be a shopping frenzy weekend, so that is why we just launched a tool that will help you sell more!

We have had requests from merchants (special thanks to Rob!) on ways they can showcase more products on their front page and make the front page more dynamic apart from having the content slider and static front page images. And the answer is a resounding YES! You spoke and we listened and we went on to do research and came up with a way where you can easily select different categories of products such as your Top Selling Products, On Sale Products as well as your New Products. 

Your top selling products no longer just need to be showing up on the borders of your store or do you need to manually add them on to the front page. It’s all been programmed to your Admin Panel with the different dynamic layouts. Just select the category of products that you want displayed on your front page and then choose a layout template that you fancy and voila! it’s done.

Next question: How do I set it up?

On your Admin Panel, select the Design/Customization icon and then click on the Customize Page Layouts link. From there just go ahead and select to Modify the Front Page layout.

Next you will see the new categories of products that you can now showcase on your front page. You are able to drag and drop the categories to the “Show these Sections Front Page” box. Whatever is at the top will the first category of products shown on your front page.

Once you select the categories, you will then see the corresponding template layouts that you can select from. Simply choose the one that you want and it will automatically be added to your front page for you.

Please go ahead and try out this new feature guys. We hope that you really like it and we’re waiting to hear your feedback too!

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