New InstanteStore Website Launched

Well our brand new website sure looks like a breath of fresh air. We’ve taken the effort to do some massive spring cleaning so that visitors and customers won’t be overwhelmed with all the information that we previously had on the old website! We hope you like the new InstanteStore website design. It just went live a couple of days ago.

New InstanteStore Admin Panel
New InstanteStore Admin Panel

New customers who sign up for free trial will also find our brand new Admin panel simplified. For those who are still using the old Admin panel, don’t worry as most of the functions have been condensed and simplified into the right side drop down list. Click on it to expand or condense the list.

We’ll let you know when we are ready to migrate existing merchants who are using the old Admin panel to the new Admin panel. The aim is to let merchants have a quick glance on how their store is performing when they login to their store.

We hope you guys like the new changes and design. Let us know your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Till then, have a great week!


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