Want A Simple Way To Increase Holiday Sales?

The Christmas Sales Rush Is Here……

With Christmas carols playing in the background, Christmas decorations being put up everywhere, retail sales are starting to hit the roof! It should be no different whether it’s for a retail brick and mortar store or an online store. In fact, more and more people are opting to shop online these days to avoid the queue in the check out line for the normal stores. Make the most of this season!

Show Them The Products….

A lot of online stores are giving out free discount vouchers, free shipping and free complimenting gifts when you buy with them. Walmart is definitely a strong believer. Sometimes though, merely giving out these freebies will not attract your customers to buy from you. You will still need to showcase what you have to ARREST their attention.

Helping Your Clueless Customers

Choosing the right present for that special someone can be quite a daunting task! Imagine this scenario – a husband looking for a lovely gift for his wife. He knows that his wife would probably fancy a nice handbag this Christmas. However, being a typical male, apart from typing in Handbag to Google, he doesn’t have a clue what else he is looking for or what is HOT this season.

Christmas Gift Ideas

So this is where you come in! Create a display of Holiday Gift Ideas to help him along. It would act somewhat like a personal shopper. Don’t wait for them to browse through the site and pick something up – make that something STARE right at them and make them WANT the product! If you’re the clueless husband chances are you would click right away on the banner above and start checking out what are the HOT items this season to get for your wife.

Categorize the products that you have accordingly. Back to the handbag example, a women would need a bag for different occasions – perhaps for work, for a night out or a casual Saturday bag.

Use that as a basis and then showcase the most SOUGHT AFTER (top seller bags!) for the season. Remember to add the appropriate “Call to Action” so that they know how to find those bags. Gift ideas is always a good way to start and by narrowing the choices for your customers especially for MEN who don’t really like to shop, that would definitely be a good way to get them to buy from your store!

The Price Factor….

You can also showcase your products according to the different prices.  There is no denying that when buying presents for our loved ones (as much as we love to pamper and spend on them!), apart from finding that suitable something, there is still the issue of right BUDGET. So, try grouping your products into different price ranges. You might be surprised how much different it might make to your store sales.

If you haven’t yet started working much on your store for this Christmas season (I highly doubt that!) or even if everything is already in full swing, you might still want to give this Holiday Season Gift Ideas display some thought. Use theInstanteStore Content Slider for this – just remember to create attractive images and let’s get rollin’!


PS: If you like the images that I have on this post and you need help with creating your own, feel free to drop me an email at suisim@instantestore.com, guys! *wink

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