Generate More Product Sales Through e-Newsletters

“49% of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves.”

– MarketingSherpa, Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008

After SEO, the next most effective conversion tactic for smaller marketers is e-mail and newsletters.

The InstanteStore newsletter broadcast feature is not only a great customer retention tool but more importantly, it has the potential to boost sales by up to 35% if done correctly. There are so many good things going for this feature. Best of all, it’s FREE. All it takes is a little work and you have a proven sales-getter.

So, how do you get this working?…

When a visitor subscribes to an e-newsletter from a web store, it means the visitor is just one step away from making a purchase. The interest is already there; all it takes is a little push to close the sale. That’s very good news to a merchant.


e-Newletters are great for introducing new products, special on-sale items, store updates and new features. But in order to convert an interested reader into a paying customer, you have to give the visitor a reason to buy.

Here’s an example. When a woman looks at a dress, she doesn’t just think of the dress per se. She thinks about all the things she has or could buy that would match the dress she is eying. A merchant can help the decision making process along by including fashion tips along with the product promotion in the newsletter. Let the reader know what kind of occasion, shoes, accessories, make up and hairstyle would best suit the dress. Citing latest fashion trends has also been known to have a positive effect.

Just make sure the content is relevant. Do not include material that, although interesting, would not likely lead to a sale.


“45% of small business execs want to receive the (email) newsletter weekly, 34% said monthly.”

– Bredin Business Information (2007)

Everything contained in an e-newsletter should be geared towards making a sale. But in order to pull that off, the content must be relevant, interesting and “new”. Once weekly or once every two weeks would be best. This would ensure subscribers are not overwhelmed by too many newsletters and merchants are not in a rush to produce effective content.

Bonus Tip

There is also a trick on how to market products in newsletters depending on which part of the month it is. In countries where paychecks are only issued at the end of the month, email marketers use two different marketing strategies in their newsletters.

Firstly, all the “new” or “hot” items are in the issue that’s broadcast right before payday so potential customers can plan their budgets after seeing what they want. Secondly, the issue at the middle of the month contains “best buy”, “on sale” or limited period discount coupons, targeted at bargain hunters or those who have a bit of spare change left.

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