What Can We Learn From Apple?

The recent hoo-haa about Apple’s latest iPad launch was massive. Everyone wanted a piece of it! Now let’s think for a moment. If someone had never heard of Apple or ever seen an iPad or ANY Apple products and you ask them whether they want it or not, chances are they would be clueless and would check it out online. Now the moment they WANT IT is when they SEE the images of the product along with the really AWESOME video of what that product can do for them. You probably had the same feeling the moment you saw the new iPad video when you checked out the fuss. Now level with me here. Is that the cheapest tablet? Not really. But what Apple did (other than create really awesome products!) is to appeal to WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT by marketing it in a way to capture their attention and make them want it. They made it look relevant to people’s lifestyle.

If you could showcase and promote your products clearly and creatively to cater to the needs of customers, chances are they will buy from you. Of course market it in a way that they will find hard to turn down. Offer free shipping for purchases that are above a certain amount. It will put customers at ease knowing that they do not have to pay anything extra other than the product price. The shopping process should be fast and simple not complicated and long.

Keep your site appearance SIMPLE. Make sure your web store is easy to navigate with proper categories and that your product images are shown clearly. Background preferably is white and products need to look really good in full color. You’ll also notice that Apple’s site has minimum text. Who wants to read tonnes of text when the images are enough?

If you’re selling clothing, show some lovely models wearing them so people could get an idea on what it looks like. If you would rather just showcase your products without any models, make sure that the images are of high quality and not blurred. In fact, show a few different angles of your product so that customers could see the other dimensions. For instance, if you’re selling shoes, bags or any physical product, it’s always good to let your visitors see the top, side and bottom angle other than the front so that they can get an idea on what the actual product looks like.

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Bottom line, market your products to be relevant to people. If you’re selling toys or children’s clothing, make them look good by showing big beautiful images on your site with kids and parents wearing the clothing or using the products. It’s all in the way you DISPLAY your products. Of course this may require you to purchase some good quality images online but they are worth it so that you don’t get into trouble with copyright infringement.

Apple’s product launch was able to build the momentum fueling the anticipation and curiosity of their customers. If you are planning to launch a new product for your store, set a target date and use social media like Facebook and Twitter to inform your customers ahead of time.

And because the new iPad has better features, you can be sure that its predecessors would have their prices slashed as Apple begins to clear away old stock. So maybe you could offer a price cut for your other products when you have a new product launch. That could be something your customers could look forward to. Plan a few product launches throughout the year as that will refresh your store look and customers could always look forward to something new from you.

These are just some simple tips that we can learn from Apple to apply to our own stores. Happy selling!








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