Standout With Custom Shopping Cart Store Designs

It may sound like one of the worst cliches, but a picture really does paint a thousand words. Custom shopping cart designs and shopping cart images on a site may not mean all that much to search engines but they do matter to visitors.

Have you ever visited a site that didn’t have any images? Chances are that you have but you may not remember. Of course certain sites like research sites may not need images but if you run a web store then custom shopping cart store designs could make a difference in how your store performs. In fact, every single product page definitely should have a shopping cart picture of the product.

Both content as well as images are important in a web store. These two key elements need to complement one another and not compete against each other. If the website design or images are too attractive, they may actually end up distracting visitors, drawing attention away from call-to-action text and images. The store may then end up missing out on sale opportunities.

The trick is to try to get everything in the right balance. Remember, people start web stores to make money. And to do that, web stores need to be able to sell stuff. Hence, everything must be geared towards that end. All the components of a web page – the images as well as the text –  must all somehow lead the visitor into an action that will lead to a sale. At the very least, the visitor should be persuaded to sign up for a newsletter or take part in a survey. This will enable the merchant to follow up with the visitor at a later time.

Although most shopping cart software providers do provide free shopping cart store templates, many merchants opt for custom shopping cart store designs. This enables a better blend of images and design, and provides a better contrast to call-to-action images, thus making it more noticeable. Custom shopping cart store design experts like the nice folks from offer very competitive template design packages. They have years of experience and already know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to store design.

Apart from images on the main page, shopping cart images on product pages are also important. Take a product like a hand-crafted jewelery piece, for example. Such a product will likely require a detailed shopping cart picture or multiple pictures that are larger or have certain sections magnified so that fine details are more visible. It’s reasonable to expect that a customer will want to have a good idea of what their potential purchase looks like before spending money to buy anything. Remember, always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try to foresee what they will need to help them purchase from you.

Updating custom shopping cart images and text copy accordingly is also important. You’re never going to see a Christmas tree still up at a conventional offline store in March. What would shoppers think? Accordingly, merchants of fashion stores must be on the pulse of the latest fashion trends and merchants of sports stores must be aware of the latest sports developments like league winners, transfers and MVPs in order to take advantage of what’s hot in the market.

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