InstanteStore Unique Wholesale Pricing Feature


The team at InstanteStore has been helping merchants sell online for more than 14 years. We’ve learned that different stores sell different things in different ways and our aim is to come up with better features that will complement our merchants’ businesses.

Our unique wholesale pricing feature was created to meet the needs of our merchants who wish to sell in bulk.

We have 3 different ways of offering wholesale. Merchants can pick one option.

Just go to Settings > Wholesale.

Personal Wholesale Pricing

For sellers who want to provide price breaks for bulk purchase customers, this feature works wonders. Sellers can give different wholesale pricing to different groups of customers.

For example, a regular customer sees Product A at $4.99 while a repeat customer sees the same product at $4.00 and a known bulk purchaser can buy it at $3.50. Just set the price group for the customer and our ecommerce software does everything else.

InstanteStore Personal Wholesale Pricing
Merchants have the option to set up to 9 different price levels per product and allocate which approved customer is entitled to which pricing level. That’s it!

Quantity Bulk Purchase

This is the standard feature for merchants who wish to sell in bulk.

For example, buy 1 T-shirt for $15, buy 10 T-shirts for $10 each.

InstanteStore Quantity Bulk Purchase

If you’re selling T-shirts with different color options (red, blue, green, etc) and you want to offer bulk discount based on the color option (buy 10 Blue T-Shirts to qualify for $10 each), just select No.

If you want to allow your customers to purchase with product option quantities, say for example – 3 Blue shirts, 5 Red shirts and 2 Green shirts to qualify for $10 each, just select Yes.

Quantity Bulk Purchase Upon Approval

Same concept as Quantity Bulk Purchase with the exception that the buyer needs approval first before being able to make the bulk purchase.

So how’s your store’s preparation for the holiday season? Let us know if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or feedback on how we can help you sell more this holiday season. Happy selling!


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