How To Arrange Your Payment Method Sequence In InstanteStore

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting positive feedback for our new InstanteStore Revamped Checkout that the team recently rolled out. Many of you have requested for the Revamped Checkout to be activated for your store (woo-hoo!).

Did you know that you could also arrange the sequence of your payment methods? For stores who have more than one payment method, arranging the sequence or order on how you want your payment methods to appear at the checkout page is really simple.

Just go to Admin > Settings > Payment & Shipping Settings > Payment.

InstanteStore Payment Gateway Sequence

All you need to do is to hover your cursor over your payment method, drag and drop themĀ  according to the sequence on how you would like them to appear in your checkout.

InstanteStore Payment Gateway Sequence Order

Once satisfied, just click Save Payment Method Order and remember to Publish your store.

That’s it! The new payment method sequence will then appear in your checkout page.

One Page Checkout Payment Method Sequence

We welcome more feedback, suggestions and comments from your end on how we can help you improve your selling process and thank you for all the positive feedback that you’ve been giving to the team. Have a good one!



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