Is Your Site’s Color Scheme Helping To Convert?

For those who’ve been selling consistently online, there’s always the need to find out what else can be done to further improve conversion. I’ve mentioned before on how important it is to have a good site that’s able to bring out or complement the type of products that is being sold and citing some of the top sites that we can learn from. Click here if you haven’t read it.

To take it a notch higher, sites that look good would have taken the time to analyze their color scheme. As in what’s the best color for the Add To Cart buttons, which text color to use to emphasize importance and which color to grab buyer’s attention for pricing. Amazon is a good example :

Amazon Color Scheme
Amazon Color Scheme

The usual colors that we normally take for granted usually carry some form of meaning. Test have shown that colors that normally converts are yellow, orange, red and green as long as they are not used prominently in other parts of the site. Hence Amazon uses yellow as their primary CTA (Add To Cart) while grey is used as their secondary CTA (Add To Wish List).

So have a look at your own site and see whether your call to action text, buttons and pricing could use a little tweaking. Remember that color will affect the mood, feelings and emotions of buyers with the ability to make them feel comfortable enough to continue browsing and to encourage them to make a purchase.

If you need help with your site’s design and template, just send us a ticket! Have a good one!

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