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If sales have been a bit flat for you, perhaps you need to re-think your marketing strategy or do something innovative with your products to make some waves. My previous blog about SELLING CREATIVELY showcased 2 different companies putting into action different marketing strategies to boost their sales. What was similar was the fact that both companies utilized social media to spread the word to consumers – and it worked!

But if you can’t afford to give out tonnes of freebies or capture the hearts of love-struck romantic couples, another suggestion would be to use your product to help make a difference out there. There are tonnes of people that you could reach. Spend a little time doing some simple research and planning. For instance, a normal South African burger joint that was totally unheard of (they’re called WIMPY – pun not intended!) recently made massive waves and attracted TONNES of ATTENTION (and SALES) when they decided to do something different with their product – the humble hamburger. They basically wanted to let people know that they offer their menus in Braille for the blind or visually impaired. I don’t think that’s something the normal restaurants or fast food places you frequent offer in their menu.

All they did was to bake 15 hamburger buns which had the words “100% Pure Beef Burger Made for You.” spelled out in Braille by using sesame seeds. That is something that is real simple yet creative and definitely something that the media will catch on very fast! They had the burgers prepared just like normal but had them delivered to 15 people in 3 of South Africa’s biggest institutions for the visually impaired. Click on the video below to watch the whole process and the people’s reaction.

According to Wimpy, they managed to reach a whopping 800,000 visually impaired people via social media with this effort. Not bad for an unheard of brand or company eh? They definitely made a difference with their product and generated enough publicity to make their company known. See your products in a different light and do some simple innovation to help others.

Take a closer look at the things that you’re selling. Say if you’re selling Party Goods, perhaps you can just create a sticker that allows you to stick it to your products, especially the party favors which guests or children will take back home. That way, the next time someone is having a party, they would instantly remember that party favor, turn it around and there you have it, your store  URL and store address and number to reach! This will not create any instant media wave but will definitely help with viral marketing of your store and products as well.

If you’re selling kids clothing, perhaps if your profit margin allows you to, you can help the local school with their costume making if they’re having a play at school. You can have your tag shown/sewn clearly across the costumes! Your local papers are sure to cover the event and you can be listed as a proud sponsor and generate some buzz for your store and business as well.  Or be like the Wimpy guys and cater to the blind. You can include beads to the pattern on the clothes. Say if your kid’s top have an OWL on it, you can easily outline an owl in beads and then sew in Braille the words OWL in beads. That way the recipient of the top will be able to feel out the clothes!

Those are just some ideas that we’ve thought up. In fact, we’re open to any social media ideas that could help your business grow. If you happen to have a brilliant idea to boost your business, let us know. We’d love to hear from you and help you make it happen!

Before I sign off, here’s wishing all our Chinese customers a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! To those of you who’s not sure what that is, it’s actually pretty much like Christmas celebration for the Chinese community where family members will all return home for a family reunion. It’s a time for feasting on good food and catching up with each other! 🙂 Have a good one!

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