Ready To Start A Web Store? Take This Quiz, Then Decide

There are many people out there who contemplate starting a web store but procrastinate or don’t see their ideas get off the drawing board at all.

Yes, starting a business, especially one that’s online, will take more than an ecommerce solution filled with online shopping cart software packages. And yes, there are risks involved as well as added responsibilities. All of us would love the extra income having a successful web store can bring, but many people give up even before they can get started.

Before you make up your mind on whether or not you want to pursue an online business – full-time, part-time or not at all – take our little quiz first.

Any seasoned web store owner will tell you it takes more than an online shopping cart and ssl server equipped solution or an ecommerce templates support shopping cart software – both of which come with our ecommerce solution, mind you – to run a successful web store. We have prepared a simple quiz that is rhetorical in nature. The questions are formulated to make you more aware of what you need to do to get your idea for a store off the ground.

Q1. Do you have an idea of what to sell on your web store?

This is not really a problem for those who already have an offline store but to those of you who are newbies, don’t panic. Just look up our past postings (apparel, unusual online businesses) and you will see that people can sell almost anything successfully over the Internet no matter what the economic situation. All it takes is proper planning and marketing. If you know what to sell but do not have a supplier for it, you can try engaging the services of a drop shipper. For instance, InstanteStore is currently integrated with a drop shipping service, Doba, which has roughly 2 million products from hundreds of suppliers on display.

Q2. Can you work alone?

Most new web store owners work from home. If you have a family, you have to make sure they understand that although you are home, you still have a job to do. Family related interruptions are common for those who work from home. You must make sure that your family understands that although you are your own boss, you are also the mail room clerk, the finance officer and everything else your business may require. But do not let this fact bring you down. With a little bit of good time management, many web store owners reportedly put in only 4 hours a day at the “office”. Some claim to only work 2 hours a day, but that’s just showing off.

Q3. Do you know anything about ecommerce and programing?

Don’t worry if you don’t. We have an article or two on ecommerce jargon that should help you out, and in terms of programming knowledge, well, you don’t need any. The InstanteStore shopping cart solution with all its online shopping cart software packages is user friendly and comes loaded with tutorial videos to help you out. Now you know why so many people sign up after taking up our 1 month free trial offer.

Q4. Can you afford to spend US$50 a month?

With proper planning and correctly targeted and focused marketing, your store should easily be able to make at least that amount per month, if not more. Setting aside US$50 a month for an InstanteStore subscription should be an easy decision once you have your online business planned out. In the grand scheme of things, investing that small amount in a complete ecommerce solution software with an impressive set of online shopping cart software packages could very well turn out to be the smartest business decision you’ll make.

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