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Starting online business book review site is a good way to build a following before you start an online bookstore. Books are one of those items that sell universally, although sometimes only after a movie based on a book is released.

But the bottom line is that books are good products to sell because of their global appeal. No matter if you are taking advantage of a UK online business opportunity or in Wisconsin starting your own business – starting online business book review site is possible from anywhere.

As we have mentioned in an earlier article, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to online bookstores is Amazon. For a start-up to go head-to-head with this giant is not be advisable. It wouldn’t even be a contest. But if you can somehow identify a niche and focus all your marketing initiatives towards that, you might be able to chip a bit off the online book sales market share and carve out a good living.

Amazon does not always come out on top for particular book searches, although it usually appears in the top 5. If you put in enough effort, you could rank higher for certain niches depending on the keywords used.

Since we are on the topic of starting online business book review site, let’s consider Oprah Winfrey and her book club. The titles on her list usually make it to the best sellers list in no time at all. Authors of those books must be beside themselves with glee the moment they find out that they’ve made it onto her book list. We may not have anywhere near the same influence as Oprah but starting online business book review site is a novel way (no pun intended) to slowly build a following before going ahead and starting your own online bookstore. People tend to trust reviewers, especially those who have been around a bit and seem to know what they are talking about.

There are so many niche categories for books. There’s children’s books, romance novels, educational texts and many more sub-genres to target. You could even gauge a market by getting visitors to fill out a wish list or compile their own “best of'” lists. This will give you some indication of the types of books your potential customers would be interested in reading (and hopefully buying). You could create forums and engage in friendly debates or banter just to get interest started.

The great thing about certain books is that they need not be new to fetch a good price. The first edition of the Velveteen Rabbit (once featured in an episode of Friends) is estimated to be worth more than US$16,000 in good condition. Regular editions sell for as low as US$7. And don’t limit yourself to first editions alone. Analyze different formats or mediums like braille, audio books, ebooks and other book variants.

And while you slowly garner a following, you can make a little money through affiliate programs. If you recommend a book and a visitor purchases it after clicking on your link, you will be entitled to commission.

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