Support: Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

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Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Normally, the InstanteStore support ticket is used to request help with technical issues faced by our merchants. No doubt we receive many tickets, and this has been especially true after the launch of IES v8.

Despite all the planning we do to ensure a smooth transition of an upgrade, no update is ever 100% free of issues that need quick fixes. Impish glitches can and do pop-up outside the scope of our expectations, adding a layer of fog to the road-map.

Today we received something different though. This particular ticket was encouraging for all of us at InstanteStore, reassuring us that our community does notice our endeavours and accomplishments throughout the highs and the lows, despite any trials and tribulations.

The support of our community means very much to us. Like a bird in flight, one wing is the IES team, and the other wing is the community we serve. Together we stay in flight!

So we’re going to let his message speak for itself, we hope that it can uplift your spirits the way it has invigorated this little eCommerce solutions team in Penang Island!

Through all these new changes, the new templates, new platform and all the glitches and troubles associated with it, you guys have been doing an exceptional job.


I know that making such a big shift and essentially changing the entire system, must be an enormous undertaking. I know that we alone have inundated you with request after request. I’m sure you’re getting that from likely all your customers. So I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it all is for you guys.


I’m also fairly certain, that due to human nature and the urgency of getting and keeping our websites working correctly and looking good, has probably caused alot of stress for you guys as well as us your customers. I figure you have received complaining and impatience from alot of people. I think we’ve even been a little stressed and insistent along the way.


But from one of your customers that has been with you for many years, I want to say thank you to everyone there for working hard and giving it their all.


We still have many things we need done but we’re trying to be understanding and make our requests slowly. Of course if something is not working correctly it becomes a high priority, but you’ve done well through it all.


I wouldn’t doubt if you’ve lost some customers along the way, but don’t worry, God will bring you more to replace them and many will return. Just keep doing your thing and it’ll all smooth out with a bit more time and effort.


In closing, I apologize for taking your time to read this nonessential ticket, but I just felt that someone should give you guys a much deserved pat on the back. You’re doing great, hang in there, we’re all counting on you guys to keep doing what you’ve proven through the years that you’re great at. We really do appreciate your efforts.


Thank You All Again,


By the way, Desmond has been our primary contact.


Also, if we ever find ourselves in Malaysia we will drop by the Hotel Royal and treat you all to dinner and drinks.


Thanks Earl, we are gratified by the patience and understanding you and everyone else have shown, and we do appreciate the kind words. It certainly brought some brightness to our day, knowing we have good company along this road we travel.

Here’s to a fruitful and record breaking 2016!

fall seven times stand up eight

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