Get Your Products Reviewed. Reviews Help You Sell More.

Hotel email marketing combo

Product reviews are powerful tools to help you sell products. But they must appear genuine.

In this article, we’ll look at how to go about getting product reviews and what to do when you spot negative reviews about your product.

Last weekend, I stayed at a budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur when I went down for a sports event. It was recommended by a fellow runner who had stayed there a few times before. He said it was cheap, clean, conveniently located near the event venue as well as near food outlets. Additionally, the bus we chartered could stop and pick us up right in front of the hotel.

Needless to say, word of mouth from a trusted source is the best sales tool. But just in case, I went and read a couple of reviews anyway because I wanted to read the negative stuff people had to say about the hotel. Yes, there were a couple of ‘issues’ but nothing serious. So in just a couple of minutes, I booked a room at the hotel through

Anyway, yesterday, I received an email from asking me if I would like to review the hotel I stayed at. Since I was happy with the hotel, I didn’t mind helping them out.

Now, I received many invitations to review products and services but I rarely oblige even though I was satisfied with the service or the product. I can easily tell you why. It is the manner or the way the invitation was presented. Language, colors, images and layout all play a role in helping a potential reviewer make up his mind.

Take a look at the screen shots below to see what I mean.

Hotel review email request

That was the request I received in email. The request was simple, not verbose. Not many colors used, to avoid being distracting. And the colors used were pleasant. Pay attention to how they highlighted the request confirmation text without being to ‘in-your-face’. Many other stores use red, for this purpose, to try to draw attention but I think soft-selling works best. And notice that they didn’t even need a promise of a reward.

Hotel review form part 1

Notice how the monotony of menu options is broken with a simple matrix structure. Light colors and radio buttons help soften the feel.

Hotel review form part 2

Take note of how the possible answers to question number 3 are displayed. Once again, the use of light colors and shapes in a cloud like structure is a nice way to keep participants interested.

Hotel review form part 3

Try to sneak in a members only invite or deal.

Hotel review appreciation note

And, of course, don’t forget to thank them. But that’s not all. You can still surprise those who spent 3 minutes of their time filling up your review form with a special discount offer.

Hotel special discount email offer

But what if there are bad reviews? Do you try to get them removed or just leave it there because there are many more good reviews.

Bad reviews help keep things real. But if possible, try to see if you are able to reply or address those negative reviews or comments. I remember a sports shoe site that had someone thanking people for their positive reviews and offering those who left negative reviews a direct line to their customer service rep so the complainant could be personally attended to. But those are for serious cases.

For minor issues, it is better to address them online so others can see how you deal with customers. If people have the impression that you take customer feedback seriously, they have more confidence buying from you.

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