Lessons We Can Learn from Roger Federer’s Wimbledon 2012 Win!

This year has been a year full of sporting events especially in these summer months. It started with the French Open in late May, followed by Euro 2012 and then Wimbledon, Le Tour De France (happening now!) and the Olympics in London at the end of the month which everyone is looking forward to! If you’re a sports enthusiast like me, I guess you will practically be glued in front of the tube catching the events and cheering for your fellow countrymen.

But what I really want to talk about is Roger Federer’s win at Wimbledon last Sunday. You may be wondering what has his win got anything to do with business or eCommerce for that matter? There is quite a few lessons that we can learn from the Swiss master’s win actually. As I was sitting there watching the match cheering RF on (sorry Brit fans!), all these thoughts just came to mind and I just wanted to share with all of you here.


With InstanteStore’s Doba Integration, Running Multiple Web Stores Is A Cinch

InstanteStore‘s integration with Doba – a  popular product sourcing portal – has made it possible for merchants to run not just one, but multiple stores with ease.

Merchants no longer need to purchase products in bulk from traditional suppliers or B2B markets. Storage is no longer an issue, its the same with shipping. Merchants can finally turn their storerooms back into their dens.

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Add 100 Products To Your Web Store In Under 15 Minutes

The title may seem a bit far-fetched but it’s not. Conventionally, it may seem impossible to pull this off in such a short span of time because adding products to a web store also means a bit of work – writing product descriptions, setting prices, assigning product codes and uploading images. Usually, this would take hours to complete but this was before the InstanteStore-Doba integration.

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