Website Shopping Cart Easy Home Based Business News

In our website shopping cart easy home based business news series, we have blogged about using social and micro blogging sites to help with brand building and promotion of products and campaigns.

Today we shall go into a little more detail and see why more and more website shopping cart brands are looking to sites like Facebook to help spread the word.


2010 Marketing Tips For Websites – Add Real Value To Your Brand

The economic downturn has brought new emphasis to the term “Value” among consumers. The old marketing tips for websites of yesteryear may not be as effective anymore as shoppers are now more cautious with their spending. Although sales figures show that people are still spending money on all sorts of goods, they now (more than ever) indulge in more research to ensure they are really getting their money’s worth.

Now the reason to spend must be heavily influenced by the actual need for the product as well as the authentic meaningful value associated with the product. Gone are the days when people used to easily buy into assuring yet hollow tag lines and seemingly unrelated celebrity endorsements.