2010 Marketing Tips For Websites – Add Real Value To Your Brand

The economic downturn has brought new emphasis to the term “Value” among consumers. The old marketing tips for websites of yesteryear may not be as effective anymore as shoppers are now more cautious with their spending. Although sales figures show that people are still spending money on all sorts of goods, they now (more than ever) indulge in more research to ensure they are really getting their money’s worth.

Now the reason to spend must be heavily influenced by the actual need for the product as well as the authentic meaningful value associated with the product. Gone are the days when people used to easily buy into assuring yet hollow tag lines and seemingly unrelated celebrity endorsements.

Online business opportunity Internet marketing suc cess now depends on how companies engage their customers. It matters little whether a store is an easy home based business or an established name in the business, consumers will no longer part with their cash just for the lowest priced item. Instead, many customers have adopted the “reason-to-buy at all” mentality.

Companies need to adapt fast to the current trend. A paradigm shift is needed with most companies, as consumer expectations are higher than ever.

Brand awareness used to be a staple on lists of marketing tips for websites, but the term no longer carries the same mileage that it used to. Consumers are placing more and more emphasis on brand differentiation. A brand that can successfully align itself with the needs of the consumer while setting itself apart from the competition will gain the most in terms of market share and profits.

For instance, there are hundreds of web stores that sell sports merchandise, yet how many have put in the effort to ensure total customer satisfaction in terms of the quality of their products, timely delivery and helpful after-sales service, for instance. As stated earlier, low prices are not the only determining factor anymore.

Customers take tag lines at face value, for the most part assuming that they are unsubstantiated claims or statements (until proven otherwise). If a web store makes a claim then it must back it up with proof such as real customer feedback from email, forums or review sites. Web stores must also be seen as continually trying to improve every aspect of their store by displaying survey questionnaires on their sites, for example.

We end this post on marketing tips for websites with a reminder that it is the consumer that decides if a brand has value. Therefore, constantly get feedback from your customers on whatever services or features associated with your brand or product are of value to them. Feedback such as this goes towards building your brand, which will bring success in the long run.

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