Shopping Cart Help: When To Stop Working On A Keyword

In this installment of shopping cart help, we will try to answer the age old questionĀ  “When Can We Stop Working On A Keyword?”

Selecting the right keywords for your website shopping cart is key to getting your integrated shopping cart ranked well and showing up high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for those keywords. Of course, there are other factors (over 200 of them) which also play a part in determining how search engines rate your site. Some people work on a set of keywords for weeks and some work on them for months. The question is, when do you stop? The answer: You don’t. Here’s why:


Dynamic Online Shopping Cart News – Facebook Don’ts

This dynamic online shopping cart news installment looks at a common mistake that many merchants make – trying to sell on Facebook.

Over 50% of merchants who’ve employed social media strategies say that selling on Facebook does not work. Around 20% of those surveyed said that it had a positive impact on business and there are even some (12%) who said that it had a negative effect on business. We’re not really sure how this happened but we’re really curious too find out.

With all the hype over social networking sites, why aren’t the figures adding up? After all, social networking sites like Facebook have over 400 million active users. The reason is simple – sites like Facebook are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites, not ecommerce sites. People go there to socialize. They do not go there with the primary intention to shop. People go to online stores with fully integrated shopping cart software for that.

Improve Sales Fast By Tapping This Resource

Cyber Monday – the Internet’s version of Black Friday – marks the start of the holiday online shopping season that runs from right after US Thanksgiving till Christmas. Many merchant shopping cart owners report that they record their highest sales figures between December 5th and December 15th every year. By now many of you, especially those who have read our article on store preparations for the holidays, will have your stores ready for the biggest shopping period of the year.

To help you get the most out of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holiday shopping season, we have prepared yet another tip that could help you increase your sales without much effort. The best thing is that you can also make use of this tip year-round.

So what exactly do we recommend? Read on to find out…