Shopping Cart Help: When To Stop Working On A Keyword

In this installment of shopping cart help, we will try to answer the age old question¬† “When Can We Stop Working On A Keyword?”

Selecting the right keywords for your website shopping cart is key to getting your integrated shopping cart ranked well and showing up high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for those keywords. Of course, there are other factors (over 200 of them) which also play a part in determining how search engines rate your site. Some people work on a set of keywords for weeks and some work on them for months. The question is, when do you stop? The answer: You don’t. Here’s why:

Shopping Cart Help – The Answer

Getting ranked for good keywords takes time and effort. When we say “good keywords”, we mean those that are often searched for as well as those that convert better. More competitive keywords take more time and effort to promote than those that are less competitive. But once you make it to the top 5 search results on an SERP, that does not mean that you should stop working on those keywords. You see, if you stop working on your keywords while your competitors continue to, your page will slowly but surely lose its ranking for those keywords. It is easier to stay on top once you are there but harder to get back there once you’ve let your ranking slip.

However, you do not have to work that much promoting keywords that are already ranking well for your site. What we suggest is to keep updating your keywords. Sometimes keywords evolve but you do not need to create a whole new page to accommodate the change, you just need to make minor changes to existing content.

For example, you might have a page containing the keyword “Bob The Lion Soft Toy“. Upon looking at the results of the latest keyword research, you find that “Bob The Lion New Soft Toy” and “New Bob The Lion Soft Toy” are getting a lot of search traffic and competition is still low.

Adding the word “New” to the middle of the existing keyword would change the phrase completely (and spoil the work you’ve already done promoting the original keyword). However, adding the word before or after the existing keyword (“New Bob The Lion Soft Toy”¬† or “Bob The Lion Soft Toy New“) would preserve your original keyword, while also promoting a whole new keyword. And you hardly need to make any changes to the content of the page.

We hope you have learned a thing or two from this edition of shopping cart help. As usual, we invite you to share any comments or suggestions that you might have.

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