What To Sell Online, Shopping Cart Ideas For Big Events

Just like all big events, the 2010 Winter Olympics is looked upon as yet another opportunity for merchants to make extra money. In fact, the profit margins are higher for items sold in conjunction with events such as this.

Read on and find out what the best products to sell online are, shopping cart ideas for post-Winter Games and ideas on how to prepare for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Finals in June.


Have You Tried Google’s New Keyword Research Tool With Insights For Search?

For those of you who are new to the realm of ecommerce shopping cart solutions, keywords are a very big deal unless you do not want your site to be easily found. For instance, an online shopping cart Canada web store selling running shoes would do well to select heavily searched long tail keywords that best represent its target market.

We’ve written at length in previous articles (How to Pick Good Keywords, Long Tail Keywords) about how to select keywords and what kinds of keywords are best. In this post, we’ll explore Google’s Beta version of their new Keyword Tool.