What To Sell Online, Shopping Cart Ideas For Big Events

Just like all big events, the 2010 Winter Olympics is looked upon as yet another opportunity for merchants to make extra money. In fact, the profit margins are higher for items sold in conjunction with events such as this.

Read on and find out what the best products to sell online are, shopping cart ideas for post-Winter Games and ideas on how to prepare for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Finals in June.

The 2010 Winter Olympics began with a slight glitch and an outstanding performance from k.d. lang. The ongoing publicity surrounding the Winter Olympics has resulted in interest from over the world. This has fueled the demand for related merchandise and souvenirs. Many merchants have reported that certain items have sold out; some thrice over.

Some of the best selling items were the commemorative red mittens the Canadian National team wore during the opening ceremony. These were especially popular among women. But it’s not difficult to see why items like these are hot sellers – they’re affordable to many, they’re useful (since it’s winter), they’re easy to carry around, they make wonderful gifts and they look pretty darn good.

Unlike the mittens, which many had foreseen would be a best seller, producers of US ice hockey team merchandise did not predict a surge in demand. And who could blame them? The US hockey team came into these Games as underdogs who many predicted would not be in the same league as the gold medal contenders. But all this changed when they defeated hosts and perennial favorites Team Canada in the last game of the Pool A round-robin, making themselves potential gold medal candidates. This win boosted sales of US hockey team merchandise by a few notches. That said, Team Canada’s hockey jerseys are still selling well even at $400.

Standard souvenirs like mugs, key rings, pens, magnets, scarves, hats, commemorative coins and of course the game’s mascot- the Quatchi have also been selling well according to online shopping cart Canada merchants. Some have completely sold out with some merchants reporting 3 times the business they had during the Christmas season.

Some merchants are already preparing for post-games merchandise sales. It’s not so different from post-holiday sales for hard-to-sell or leftover items. However, some items have been specifically designed for post-games sales like the Goodbye Vancouver, Hello Sochi tees, hoodies, hats, mugs, scarves and mittens. If you are wondering what to sell for occasions such as these, online shopping cart sales ideas like these are usually a sure bet.

But speaking of what to sell online shopping cart ideas and such, let’s not put these tips to waste as another major sporting event is just around the corner – the FIFA World Cup Finals. Start doing your homework now. Make sure your store is peppered with all the necessary keywords a couple of months before the event takes place. Mind you, some merchants were already selling Winter Olympic items during the Christmas sales at special pre-event prices. This means they already had their Olympic related design and shopping cart software pages prepared much earlier to get a head start on things. The early bird catches the worm, as the adage goes.

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