Have You Tried Google’s New Keyword Research Tool With Insights For Search?

For those of you who are new to the realm of ecommerce shopping cart solutions, keywords are a very big deal unless you do not want your site to be easily found. For instance, an online shopping cart Canada web store selling running shoes would do well to select heavily searched long tail keywords that best represent its target market.

We’ve written at length in previous articles (How to Pick Good Keywords, Long Tail Keywords) about how to select keywords and what kinds of keywords are best. In this post, we’ll explore Google’s Beta version of their new Keyword Tool.

Those of you who are familiar with InstanteStore’s handy SEO Wizard free ecommerce shopping cart software service feature will have noticed that the SEO Wizard asks that you choose 3 keywords for each of your product, category, and content pages — 1 primary keyword and 2 secondary ones. It also insists that you use these keywords a minimum number of times throughout the key areas of your page — headers, content, etc. in order to meet a minimum keyword density for each keyword.

To help select the best keywords, traditionally, a lot of merchants could make use of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Wordtracker. Since ecommerce is getting more competitive, choosing the right keywords has become more important than ever and Google has now added more depth to their keyword tool by linking it to Google Insights – a tool to view search trends.

Now, with the aid of the Advanced Options tool, you can tweak your search criteria further by selecting language or location and even show statistics for mobile devices. At the Keyword Ideas section of the page, you will find a magnifying glass icon. Clicking on that icon will open the Google Insights For Search page. This is where it gets interesting.

Information is broken down into various categories here. Let’s go back to that online shopping cart Canada web store selling running shoes. If you type “Running Shoes” in the search, you’ll get a whole list of keyword ideas. The first to appear on the list is “Brooks Running Shoes”. Click on the icon next to that keyword. Once you’re over at the Insights For Search page, you’ll notice that Google were kind enough to break down the search term into categories: Shopping (75-100%), Recreation (0-10%). That tells you that this term is mainly used by shoppers; some would call it a conversion keyword.

Below that is a graph that displays interest or keyword usage over time (1 year). This is followed by a list of locations where the keyword is most used. A graph is included on the right for a quick once-over. The Top 10 related search terms as well as related Rising Keywords are displayed at the bottom of the page.

If you are the owner of an online shopping cart Canada web store selling running shoes, and you sell the Brooks brand, the information from the Google Insights page tells you that your biggest market is the US. But although “Brooks Running Shoe” is a heavily searched keyword, it’s also very competitive. In such a case, it’s probably a good idea to consider one of the rising keywords like “Brooks GTS9”, which is actually a new model from Brooks, as a better alternative.

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