What Makes A Shopping Cart “SEO Friendly”?

It’s a term I hear tossed about often, especially reading the sales site of countless ecommerce solutions and shopping cart software providers… Our shopping cart is “SEO Friendly”. What does that mean, exactly?

Depending on who says it, being “SEO friendly” can mean quite a few things. I’m going to cover the major features of an seo friendly shopping cart.

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Generate More Product Sales Through e-Newsletters

“49% of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves.”

– MarketingSherpa, Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008

After SEO, the next most effective conversion tactic for smaller marketers is e-mail and newsletters.

The InstanteStore newsletter broadcast feature is not only a great customer retention tool but more importantly, it has the potential to boost sales by up to 35% if done correctly. There are so many good things going for this feature. Best of all, it’s FREE. All it takes is a little work and you have a proven sales-getter.

So, how do you get this working?… (more…)

Keyword Research – How to Pick Good Keywords

You have great products to sell. Products that you’re positive that your customers will love. You’ve chosen your shopping cart platform and are ready to get started. All you need now is visitors.

If you build it, they will come, right?

Well, you’ll need to market and promote your store first. When it comes to selling online, one of the key things that you’ll need for ecommerce success is visitor traffic. Sure, you could get traffic by placing ads and paying for it, but there are also lots of ways to get visitor traffic for free. That’s what today’s InstanteStore marketing tip is all about: good keyword research.

So how do you go about researching keywords anyway? (more…)