Get Ranked Quickly – Target Long Tail Keywords

The stats clearly show that up to 25% of all search phrases are not broad search terms. The 25% use of unique long tail keywords in searches show that people are increasingly aware of how to better utilize the internet to get exactly what they want.

So how do you take advantage of long tail keywords?

Long Tail Keywords =  Less Competition
For online store owners, long tail keywords provide many benefits. Long tail keywords are associated with ‘non-hit’ items or items that are not ‘popular’ with the general public. This is not necessarily a bad thing. For one thing, competition for ‘non hit’ items is much lower than competition for popular items. If you carry out the standard SEO procedures correctly, your store will end up on the first page faster.

In addition, knowing exactly what your customer wants allows you to stock items that are not likely to spend too much time in your store room. This means less idle stock and less space to store your products.

Basic Long Tail Keyword Conversion
One of the easiest ways to convert a broad search term into a long tail keyword is by simply localizing the term. For example, if you are selling ‘maternity shoes’ (6.6 million results) in Arizona, your long tail keyword could be ‘maternity shoes Arizona’ (278,000 results). Of course, it would be ideal of you could get a keyword with less than 100,000 search results. So try adding just a little bit more detail to your keyword – ‘Hush Puppies maternity shoes Arizona’ (10,400 results).

The use of proper keywords in your SEO campaign can get you ranked in no time. With the right marketing techniques, this can lead to higher sales. To search for keywords, try these two popular sites  Р and

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