Important Facebook Shop Tips To Take Note Of

Being able to sell your products on Facebook is an added bonus for many online business owners. These days, many customers prefer to communicate with businesses via social media like Facebook and Twitter as they want faster results instead of the usual email. The fact that these social media sites are open to the public is good reason for businesses to ensure that they are offering excellent products and services to avoid a public relations meltdown.

Anyway, for those who have yet to try selling on Facebook, just follow the easy steps to set up your Facebook Shop from the Admin panel. Here are a couple of important tips to take note of as well.

Don’t Overdo It

If your online store happens to have 1000 products (for example), please DO NOT upload all your products to your Facebook Shop. That will end up frightening away your friends and customers. What you could do is to select some of your best selling products to put up in your Facebook Shop. Remember now, Facebook is a social media platform. The focus is always to lead customers back to your online store so that they could see more product selection and to buy from you there. So it’s a bonus if they decide to buy from your Facebook Shop while catching up with the latest news and happenings.

Have The Same Look And Theme

Your store’s Facebook should have the same feel as your online store. Meaning that those who visit your Facebook site should not see something totally different from your online store. Customize the look of your Facebook with the same theme and look so that there is a branding consistency. This is to avoid your customers from getting confused. If you need some help with that, just drop us an email or ticket and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Put Up Promotions And Discounts

Other than sharing the latest products and happenings in your store, remember to also put up promotions and discount codes for your customers to share with their other friends. Word tends to get out quicker when it’s shared via social media. So you may also want to shout it out on your Twitter account as well. Just remember to set the correct boundaries for your promotions and discounts as you wouldn’t want any customer to find some crazy loophole to take advantage of your business.

Share And Add Value To Your Audience

Lastly, when it comes to using social media, remember to share stuff that will add value to your audience. Share helpful tips and solutions that will interest people. For example, if you’re selling car products, offer helpful tips on how best to maintain your car. Fashion products? Offer advice on color coordination, latest fashion tips and clothing materials. In short, expand the information that is related to the products that you are selling. Keep it short and sweet.

In short, your Facebook should be a convenient place for people to buy some of your top selling products as well as to reach you and get valuable tips and interaction. It’s also an extension of your online store which you could use to promote your brand as well. Happy selling!

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