There’s A Gold Mine In Your Abandoned Cart Orders

If your store has a lot of abandoned cart orders, please take the time to reach these customers.

They’re a gold mine to work on.

Think about it. Customers found your site, browsed and added products to the cart but did not complete the checkout. Bummer. It happens. Why?

Some of the main reasons why shoppers abandon their carts are mentioned here.

Basically some friction or road blocks got in the way preventing them from completing the checkout.

Once you get those fixed, you’ll┬ádefinitely need to reach customers via email.

Just ONE more email to encourage them to complete the purchase. Make it count.

I’m not saying that you’ll get back all your abandoned cart customers but it makes good sense to reach them, get their feedback and see how best you can close the deal with them.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to individually email them manually (phew!).

Automatic Abandoned Cart Email

Setting up an automatic abandoned cart email is not difficult.

Depending on what you sell, be creative with your email as you want to catch your customer’s attention and offer them a good reminder and incentive to return to your store to complete the checkout process.

Ok, so where’s this magical abandoned cart email section in InstanteStore?

Just go to Orders and click on the Aborted tab. Click on Email customers with aborted orders.

InstanteStore Aborted Order Listing

That will bring you to Features.

Turn on ‘Automatically Email Customers with Aborted Orders’ and click to standardize customer response email.

Automatically Email Aborted Order Customers

In Customize Automatic Emails, scroll down and check Aborted Order Handling and click Continue.

Customise Automatic Emails

Customize your Customer Response Email. Make it friendlier. Be creative.

Use the HTML version so that you can insert images, links, discount codes to encourage your customers to complete the checkout process.

Standardise Customer Aborted Order Handling

Run a few test to see what your email will look like when it lands in a customer’s inbox and make the necessary changes.

Remember, images play a big role to capture people’s attention. Cute pups anyone?


Suggestions on what to add in your email :
– a nice image to capture their attention
– a short, creative message
– discount code
– short CTA (Call To Action)

Here’s an example of an abandoned cart email which offers an incentive to buyers to complete their purchase :


Notice the Email title offering 10% discount to complete the order? Discount code is stated clearly in different color and for one-time use only.

Different font size to emphasize what you’re saying. Button link will bring you to your cart. Product clearly shown in the email to remind buyer.

Bear in mind that majority of buyers check their emails via mobile these days. You have only a few seconds to catch their attention and convince them.

However, if you don’t have the time or need help, please let us know. We can help you craft out a custom abandoned cart email.

If you also need help creating a custom email format to send to customers for confirmed orders, we could that too. Just let us know.

The team at InstateStore welcome your suggestions and feedback on how we can help make the online selling experience better to help you grow your business further.

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