InstanteStore Integrates With easyParcel

Good news for Malaysian merchants. InstanteStore recently integrated with easyParcel, a Malaysian parcel delivery comparison website.

InstanteStore merchants who wish to ship within Malaysia just need to have an account with easyParcel.

Setting up an account with them is super easy and fast.

After setting up an account with easyParcel, please have a look at the EasyParcel Integration With InstanteStore tutorial which will show you how to get your unique API key for your account. You’ll need to copy and paste the API key in InstanteStore.

To set up easyParcel in InstanteStore :

1. Login to your store, Admin > Settings > Shipping.
2. Click the “Ship From Address” tabInstanteStore Ship From Address Tab
3. Check that only the checkbox for “Source EasyParcel Shipping Address (optional)” is checked

Source EasyParcel Shipping Address

4. Enter all the fields in that section. Your phone number must contain only numbers (no spaces, brackets or dashes).
5. Click the “Update EasyParcel Address” button.
6. Click the Settings tab to update the weight unit into grams or kilograms and choose the dimension of your package. Click the “Update Shipment Properties” button.

InstanteStore Shipping Settings Tab

7. Click the “Shipping Methods” tab. Click the “Add Shipping Method” button.InstanteStore Add Shipping Method8. Enter your Shipping Method name (e.g. “easyParcel”), and click the “Add Shiprates” button.InstanteStore Add EasyParcel Shipping Method9. Select the “EasyParcel” shipping rate (it’s nearer the bottom of the page).

easyParcel Shipping

10. Click the “EasyParcel Account Info” link.
11. Enter your API key, and click the “Save” button.
12. Enter an “Additional processing fee” if you want/need one.
13. Enter the rest of the fields as usual, making sure to apply the shiprate to the right zones (Example : Zone 1 for Malaysia).
14. Publish your store once you’re ready.
15. easyParcel will now be available as a sellectable ship method (with multiple rates) at your store’s shipping method selection during checkout.

Once an order with EasyParcel has been placed:

16. When you view the individual order, under the Shipping Method, there will be a date picker, along with a “Place easyParcel Order” button. The date is the pick-up date. It should be a future weekday when the courier should be available to pick up your package. Choose a suitable date, then click the “Place easyParcel Order” button.

Note : Please ensure that your customer has already paid your end before you make the booking.

Place easyParcel Order
17. A pop-up page will show you the status of the order. If the order goes through, payment will be credited from your easyParcel account.
18. Once an easyParcel order has been submitted, once you refresh the View Order page, the Pick-up section will be replaced by an easyParcel Status section where you can view the status and click to view/print the Airway Bill.
19. Customers can log in and view their easyParcel tracking status by clicking the Track My Order link when they view their order in their Account.

In a nutshell, easyParcel allows anyone to book courier service online for pickup and delivery within Malaysia. The system is easy and straightforward to use.

With the InstanteStore integration, easyParcel will calculate and offer the best courier service rate in town based on the merchant collection address, customer delivery destination and product weight.

Customers get to pick the courier service of their choice at checkout as they’ll be able to see the shipping rates displayed.

easyParcel’s system will generate the airwaybill for Malaysian merchants saving them time from filling up countless shipping forms (yay!).

What do we like about easyParcel?

– No setup fees
– No monthly commitment
– No tedious process flows
– No fussy documentation
– No company registration required

Helping merchants save on delivery costs and eliminating the need to fill up countless forms is always a sanity saver.

And customers get to choose the best option based on their shipping needs and budget when they order from merchants.

If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, the InstanteStore team would love to hear from you as we continue to add more features to our ecommerce solution in helping you sell more and grow your business.











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