Unusual Small Business Opportunities Online – Lucrative Possibilities

Businesses are getting more and more creative when it comes to marketing their products and services over the Internet. Every day, we see more unusual small business opportunities cropping up all over. There are tons of web stores selling shoes, apparels, pharmaceuticals and electronics but now traditional offline businesses are making their presence felt as well. We’re talking about laundromats, mattress cleaning businesses and even photo studios.

Businesses cannot afford not to be online nowadays. It does not make sense to be online for the sake of merely having a web presence, of course. Going online is a chance to promote your brand even further and make more money in the process.

Keep It Clean And Simple

Some innovative laundromats have taken to the Internet by providing prepaid services for their customers. Customers log in, complete forms and make payment for cleaning services online.

For example, they could pay for 15kg worth of laundry divided into 3 loads. They then print out a type of lot traveler that will be included with their lot, which is basically their laundry in a plastic bag. The laundry can then be picked up from their home or dropped off at the laundromat via a drive through. Customers then have a choice of picking up their laundry or having it delivered to their doorstep (for a nominal fee) once done. This service is convenient for busy individuals and families and it allows laundromat owners to offer new products and expand their market without much investment.

Take A Shot At Business Online

Photo studios have also taken to the Internet to boost their revenue. If you are thinking of setting up a photography studio, you may want to consider this avenue as well. It is safe to say that practically everyone out there – or at least every home – has a digital camera. As everything is going digital nowadays, people are slowly digitizing their old film-based photos. Since not many people own or want to invest in quality scanners, photo studios are now offering conversion services to address this market. In addition, many studios are offering professional touch-up services for not-so-perfect shots. A customer does not even need to step into the store for this: just upload the image to the online store and wait for the touched-up images in the email. Customers can also choose to have hard copies in various sizes made and couriered to them. Again, the keyword here is convenience.

A Comfortable Business Option

In continuing with our theme of unusual small business opportunities, a local mattress cleaning business has set up their own website promising free transportation for 3 cleaning orders or more. They also offer on-site cleaning services for not-so-stubborn stains that do not require the use of their “secret”cleaning process. The company originally started out selling mattresses and wanted diversify their business by capitalizing on existing resources such as their trucks. In the end they only had to invest minimally in human resources and cleaning equipment.

In Short

The 3 above examples of unusual small business opportunities prove that even seemingly strange ideas can be lucrative if there is a market for them. Mind you, the owners of the aforementioned businesses did a fair amount of market research before going ahead with their online expansions. And once online, they continued with well thought-out marketing plans.

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