Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

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Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

All visitors to your store are potential customers! Not all visitors are attracted to the same offers, which is why InstanteStore has a wide range of features to help you convert as many customers as possible.


Everyone loves a sale. Easily place certain products or even the whole store on sale with just a few mouse clicks.

Discount Coupons

Conveniently create and distribute discount coupons via email or social media to entice and convert visitors. If price is a factor, then discount coupons could give your potential customer just enough of an incentive to get them buying.

No More (Cart) Abandonment Issues

You’ll have customers who go all the way through checkout, but for whatever reason, don’t complete their purchases. You can easily set up your InstanteStore to automatically contact these almost-customers to find out why and perhaps lure them back with offers they can’t refuse.

Split Tests

The most successful sales funnels are a product of continuous testing and optimization. Our template split test feature lets you try out different variations of your store templates (different colors? An extra banner on the sidebar?) so that you can compare how each performs. You can then keep testing the "winning" split tests and keep improving your store's conversion rates. Google is constantly running different tests to figure out what works best. You should too, and with our split test templates, you can.

Retaily Integration!

Beyond all of the many features that InstanteStore already provides, if you're looking for an extra edge, here it is: Retaily integration. Retaily provides all the tools you need to optimize your store's conversion and retention. Retaily uses product recommendations, urgency and scarcity messages, remarketing via ads and email, and much more to boost your store's conversion both before and even after a potential customer has left your store.