Business Start Up Advice – It’s A Good Time To Start A Web Store

The figures for the recent holiday sales including Black Friday are in and they’re looking good. Which is great news for merchants everywhere. As far as business start up advice goes, this would be a great time to start your very own web store.

Here’s why you should take that business start up advice: Starting your store now will give you ample time to plan for the summer sales and even more time to prep your store for next Christmas. Just sign up with InstanteStore for a free trial and get a feel of what it would be like to have your very own store. You don’t need to build shopping cart from scratch. That’s right, no need to build online shopping cart or fiddle around with setting up your store from the ground up. We’ve done all the groundwork for you with InstanteStore. Sign up and see for yourself how easy it is to run a store with our solution.

There are smiles on many of our merchants’ faces, especially those who planned well for last year’s holiday shopping season. Last year’s Black Friday saw shoppers spending close to $600 million online – $60 million more than the previous year. The Black Friday shopping spree was typically enjoyed by offline stores, but over the years, more and more online stores are beginning to take bites out of the Black Friday pie.

And more good news: shoppers are not just spending big money on Black Friday or Cyber Monday alone. They also spent almost $320 million on Thanksgiving Day itself, a 10% increase from the year before. In fact, from the start of November through Black Friday, consumers spent close to $11 billion.

Overall, Boxing Day was the second biggest shopping day behind Black Friday. Overall, retail receipts hit $7.9 billion the day after Christmas. Black Friday registered $10.6 billion overall. Although sales figures were impressive, it must be noted that the volume of shoppers at offline stores suffered a decline. Many have cited the bad weather at several places as the main factor behind this. And who can blame shoppers, really? Most of us don’t particularly enjoy going out in the cold and lining up for hours in the early hours of the morning just to get the latest movie-inspired toy (which will probably end up as a paperweight in 6 months, anyway). While bad news to brick and mortar stores, this is good news to online merchants, as this is another good reason for shoppers to go online to get their shopping done instead.

Here’s more business start up advice for new merchants: According to a recent survey, online shoppers listed price as the main factor that would influence their overall satisfaction. This was followed by selection or variety offered and site functionality. So make sure you do sufficient research especially when it comes to pricing. Use pricing bots to help you price your goods competitively. Of course, if your web store is going to be your bread and butter, you should ensure that you can garner a decent profit before starting your store.

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