Home Online Business Ideas – Post Holiday Sales Campaign

The holiday season is coming to an end. Most stores will have enjoyed a spike in their sales this time of the year. More seasoned merchants are already tapping into their wealth of home online business ideas and are probably prepared to launch their next marketing campaign as soon as the holidays are over.

Just because Christmas is over does not mean that people will stop shopping until the next holiday season. The end of the holiday season signals the start of another shopping spree for another group of shoppers – the post-holiday bargain hunters.

For many offline as well as online stores, the holiday season is a chance to boost their sales figures. But sales do not end there. As soon as the holiday season is over, store owners prepare their stores for the next batch of shoppers. Post-holiday bargain hunters can add up to 15% to sales figures for the year. Research has shown that 6% of Americans purchase holiday gifts after Christmas and more than 60% of people will hit stores – online and offline – to purchase items for themselves once all the chaos of the holiday season is over. That’s an additional money making home business opportunity right there. The best ideas home based business can utilize to generate more sales are usually the simplest.

For web stores, this is one of many great home online business ideas as it presents a good opportunity to clear excess stock and make way for new products. Many online stores have already started the ball rolling by sending out newsletters and making use of social networking, micro blogging and video sites to promote these bargains. Shoppers can get even more discounts with the help of discount codes available on these sites.

Hot items for bargain hunters include home electronics, books, sports shoes, apparel for women and toys. Surprisingly enough, jewelery and skin care products also made the list. In many cases, shoppers tend to spend more per item since they are primarily shopping for themselves at this point of time. Here are a couple of home online business ideas to help capture sales from this particular customer group.

Firstly, make sure your marketing approach is more consumer centric. This means the content has to be more specific. Remember, you are no longer promoting a perfect gift to a shopper but a product specifically to a consumer.

Next, remember to highlight the fact that they are getting their money’s worth. These shoppers are bargain hunters so it should be obvious that they are getting a bargain.

Lastly, do not forget to try to cross sell other related “value” products as customers will be on the lookout for similar deals.

Bargain hunters not only look forward to the lower prices at post-holiday sales but they also look forward to bundled items as stores use this opportunity to clear products that perhaps haven’t sold as well during the holiday season as they could have. Stores usually offer these less popular products at vastly lower prices or even for free when purchased with another product. This is a win-win situation for both merchants and shoppers.

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