Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Service – Autoresponders

So what actually are autoresponders and how can merchants take advantage of this feature?

Autoresponders are part of the email marketing arsenal and this tool is available as an ecommerce shopping cart software service feature with the InstanteStore shopping cart solution. There have been tons of articles written about autoresponders as this feature is such an essential part of email marketing campaigns. The concept of autoresponders is fairly simple – remind subscribers through email about your products, offers and the store itself while subtly convincing them to buy your product.

There are a couple of strategies when it comes to autoresponders. Some are more direct than others. But they all share one thing in common – a killer headline or subject line.

Although autoresponders have proven to be effective and are a basic secure ecommerce shopping cart marketing tool, many merchants still overlook it. In this ecommerce shopping cart software service feature article, we will take a brief look at autoresponder strategies to turn subscribers into customers.

Experts state it often takes 7 or more messages before prospective customers make a purchase. The process may be a bit slow but the bottom line is what matters — more sales. When making use of  this ecommerce shopping cart software service, it is important to remember a few things, apart from writing a killer subject line that will hook the reader.

Keep It Simple

Do you read all your email? No one does. This is why it is important to keep messages short and sweet or you can be assured that they will end up in the trash. A killer subject line will get the reader to at least open the email but the hook must continue within the body of the message.

Personalize It

Personalizing a message has proven to be more effective than generic ones. An easy way to do this is by mentioning the reader’s name.  The mention of a name establishes a connection with the reader at some level and will at least buy a few minutes of reading time, which is a good start.

Emphasize Benefits

Merchants still make the mistake of highlighting the features and not the benefits of a product or service. If you have spotted a feature that a product or service you offer has that your competitors’ do not, tell your readers why they need this feature. For example, if a pair of shoes have anti-microbial Ortholite insoles, runners can benefit from comfortable cushioning and odorless shoes. In other words, mention the ‘What’ but explain the ‘Why’.

Include A Gift

To further entice the reader, include a small gift like a discount coupon or a free shipping waiver. This will at least give the reader something to consider and a reason to give your store another visit.


Do not be afraid to honor all removal requests. That said, make sure the removal link is easily found. Remember, you want to be seen as professional as possible. This is also necessary in order to be fully compliant with anti-spam regulations.

Avoid The Spam Filter

Many messages never make it past the spam filter. There are 2 ways to overcome this problem. The first, as soon as a subscription is completed, instruct the subscriber to “white list” you by adding your email address to his or her address book. The second way is to use a Spam Checker tool.  There are many free Spam Checker tools available on the Internet and it only take a few seconds or minutes, if the content is heavy, to get a report.

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