Will Traffic Voodoo Work For Me?

traffic voodoo review

One of the latest super affiliate marketing products that was just launched is Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo system. If you don’t know Jeff Johnson, he is a very highly sought after search engine optimization (SEO) expert who released the very popular “SEO Traffic Getting” WordPress Plugin. Jeff is always at the cutting edge of SEO tactics. This Traffic Voodoo review will cover what Traffic Voodoo will teach you. Many people are offering all sorts of Traffic Voodoo bonus packages. So, we’ll cover these bonuses later in the article.

Traffic Voodoo is a course that’ll teach you how to drive laser targeted traffic and hungry prospects to your website (or any affiliate offers) at will. The biggest problem most people have with making money online is getting enough targeted traffic. Traffic Voodoo will solve that problem for you.

Traffic Voodoo, like so many other marketing systems, is spread over several weeks. You’ll receive training via online video on the following topics.

Week 1 & 2: Traffic Getting QuickStart

During the first two weeks, Jeff Johnson will show you what types of sites are best and how to build sites that’ll get you more traffic. This is literally what he does best so although it might seem basic if you’re an advanced internet marketer, you’ll definitely pick up a few nuggets of useful tips.

Week 3: Traffic Conversion

What’s the use of “traffic” if you can convert them into sales. When people say they want “traffic”, they normally mean they want more sales. In this module, Jeff shows you his proven traffic conversion tricks and strategies to rapidly increase your customer conversion.

Week 4: Social Media

Jeff will show you how to get targeted prospects who are hungry for what you’re promoting from YouTube and also FaceBook. These two sites control even more traffic than the almighty Google. So, you definitely want to tune in and learn how you too can get YouTube & FaceBook to send you targeted visitors.

Week 5: Instant Traffic Money Machine

This is the serious stuff. Welcome to the big boy’s world. If you think the traffic you’ve gotten so far using the information you’ve learnt is big, then this module will literally blow your mind. This section of Traffic Voodoo will cover mass traffic methods such as pay-per-view (PPV) buys, pay-per-download (PPD), pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-action (CPA) networks. Getting 10,000 visitors per day is easy using these methods. Of course, you need to pay for this traffic. So, you want to pay super close attention to how to do things CORRECTLY so that you won’t get burnt!

Week 6: Instant Affiliate Traffic

Jeff presents a crazy (good crazy!) twist here. Rather than just making money promoting other people’s products, he shows you how you can sell more of your products by promoting other people’s products! The best thing? You get paid when someone buys the products you’re promoting too. Yes, I told you it was crazy. Since Jeff makes the majority of his income in affiliate offers, this is one section of Traffic Voodoo that you do not want to miss.

Week 7: List Building Secrets

Jeff reveals his secrets on how to build a large and even more important responsive opt-in list. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how “large” a list you have if the people on your list don’t trust you, don’t listen to you or even worse, don’t even open your e-mail! Here, you’ll learn how to cultivate an opt-in list of fans who hang on to your recommendations and listen to your advice.

Week 8: Coaching Calls

Here, Jeff shows you all the methods he’s teached his previous clients in their coaching calls. This is also where you get a chance to ask Jeff any specific question you may have burning in your mind. Since Jeff charges literally an arm and a leg for private coaching (when he does private coaching), week 8 is worth the price of the whole Traffic Voodoo course if you know how to ask the right questions.

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traffic voodoo review

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