Shopping Cart Software Solution: Product Zoom Feature

When you go shopping online, don’t you wish sometimes that there was a shopping cart software solution available to give you a better view of the item you are interested in? More so if the item is a piece of jewelery or has intricate designs or details on it. You see, (useful) information helps a person decide whether or not to buy an item. And information is not just restricted to text. It comes in the form of images as well. Every little bit counts when trying to convince potential customers to buy your products.

Enter InstanteStore’s Product Zoom feature, a small shopping cart help that has the potential to reduce product page bounce rates and improve sales.

Before the product zoom feature came along, visitors had to click on thumbnails or links to open a new window which would display a larger picture of an item. But by doing this, the illusion of convenience is lost. The trick is to keep everything on one page or as few pages as possible. Furthermore, this shopping cart software solution feature is just plain more fun to use than opening a new window.

To try out this shopping cart software solution product zoom feature, just click here.

This feature is one of many InstanteStore shopping cart services which are provided free of charge. You may switch it on or off as you like but we recommend that you make use of it when you have really good product photos available. It’s little things like this that will give you that edge you need to make that sale.

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