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In this installment of Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Help, we shall take a look at Geotargeting. We’ve gotten a few inquiries about this lately so we’ve decided to blog about it.

What is Geotargeting?

In short, geotargeting is a method of delivering web content to a particular location.

How Does Google’s Geographic Target Tool Work?

Say that you would like to target potential customers in Australia. You can use Google’s Geographic Target Tool to specifically target Australia. This is especially useful if your product has no relevance anywhere else in the world, such as in the case of restaurants.

How Do I Use Google’s Geographic Target Tool With My InstanteStore?

  • First, go on over to Google Webmaster Central and Sign In via a Google account. Create an account if you don’t have one already.
  • Then, click the Add Site button and key in your site’s URL.
  • On the Verify Ownership page, select “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” and then copy the meta tag displayed there.
  • Next, login to your simple shopping cart InstanteStore, click View Store at your Admin Panel, then click Edit Page. Paste the meta tag you just copied into the box next to where it says Extra Head Tags. After that, Save Changes and Publish.
  • Now, you need to go back to the Verify Ownership page on Google Webmaster Central and click Verify.οΎ 
  • At the Dashboard page, click the Site Configuration link on the left and then click Settings.
  • Now at Geographic Target section, click the “Target users in” check box and select the location of your choice.
  • Finally, click Save and you are done.

Mind you, it takes a few weeks for the changes to take place as Google needs to sort things out behind the scenes.

For more information about Geotargeting, you can go directly to the source: Just click here to jump to Google’s Geotargeting page. Don’t forget to watch the Geotargeting explanation video too.

That’s it for this installment of Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Help. Look out for our next blog post, where we will be looking at a few of InstanteStore’s brand new and FREE templates.

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