Flatter Your Product Images By Framing Them Right

Product Images Frame Shape Samples
Frame Shape Examples For Product Images

I remember reading a joke many years back about a guy who walked by a restaurant and stopped at the menu stand outside the front door. The images of the food looked so inviting that he could not resist having a meal there. Unfortunately, he was less than pleased with what he ate. He summoned the maitre d’ and said to him, “My compliments to the photographer.”

Product images are an important element marketing. Having good quality images alone isn’t enough, it’s how we fit them in with the other elements our our websites.

One the easiest ways to make your product images look more appealing is to frame them appropriately. If you look at car websites, especially the ones dedicated to sports marques, you’ll notice the cars are always framed in a landscape orientation. This, combined with the angle of the shot, makes the cars looks sleeker, lower, wider and thus, more desirable.

From the image samples above, you’ll notice that the landscape orientation suits other items as well.

Items like watches and pendants are presented much better in a square frame via close-up shots to highlight detail.

Dresses usually look great in portrait. This makes the model look slimmer and taller, which is how most people want to look like, not just women.

So, before you upload your product images, be sure to crop them in such a way that they utilize this simple tip. Try to standardize the frame shape and size of your images so they appear uniformed when displayed on your front and category pages.

Store pages are not like Pinterest pages, which are not arranged in uniformed manner. Uniformed images on store pages allow viewers to quickly compare and assess the items they are viewing. This makes it easy for them to pick out what they like and proceed to checkout. Good user experience leads to more sales.

But what about images on an image or content slider? Well, you can experiment with different slider shapes and different arrangements of images on slides. Take a peek at what other sites are doing and see what works best for you.

Always keep in mind that all these tools are to be used to help persuade visitors to purchase products from your store and should never be used to distract them. So, don’t forget to add a call to action on your slides and link them to their related product pages.

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