Design Tips From The Top Online Shopping Sites

What do some of the top online shopping sites have in common that draw tonnes of shoppers to buy from them? Nice pictures. Lots of nice, clear and colorful images. Less text. The design of their sites were made in such a way to put all the focus on the products. Whatever that is on the main page of their sites were placed there to capture the attention of shoppers the moment they land on the site. I’m not saying that everyone’s web store should all start looking like these top shopping sites as it would very well depend on what your own online store is selling but there are clear pointers that we could all learn and pick from these top sites.


Fab is able to make any products look good. Call it creative photography but I definitely see the effort here. The style of the site is catered to the tonnes of products that they sell which is always changing so it looks fresh all the time. You’ll notice that they make full use of different sliders here and there to showcase some of their most popular products that people are liking or buying  on their site.


Selling stuff for kids, babies and mums will require a lot of happy images that are bright, colorful and on the move.

Sole Society

Although this site only sells shoes, the images are clear, crisp and inviting. You’ll also notice that they use a lot of big picture sliders to showcase their shoes which makes it really easy and comfortable to browse and look around.

One King’s Lane

Selling stuff for the home does not need to look boring. Consumers like to see plenty of suggestions on how the products will look good in their homes before they are convinced to even buy it.

Rent The Runway

Anything to do with fashion and clothing will always look good with real life models. Instead of a floating product, the effect is totally different when you have someone wearing it. The focus is on the clothes while the models are there to make the clothes look good.

Beyond The Rack

You’ll also notice that sites which offer accessories like watches or jewelry will usually have close ups and big pictures of their products against good background.


Other than great images, beauty and accessory sites make it easy for shoppers to love their products and share them on popular social media like Pinterest easily. The site will clearly show how many likes they got for their products. Spreading the word around comes naturally and easily.

These are some of the tips that will help your online store look and sell better depending on the type of products. If you have any interesting sites that you would like us to take a look at or want us to help customize for you, drop us an email with the site info and we’ll be more than happy to help. Till then, have a great weekend!

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