Free Online Shopping Cart Tip: Don’t Neglect Customer Experience

Our free online shopping cart tip for the day is ‘Do not neglect customer experience.’ Here’s why. Practically everyone who runs an online store knows the importance of SEO, be it on-page or off-page, paid or organic. The thing is many of us concentrate so much on getting ranked and channeling visitors to our site, we forget the purpose of all this effort – getting people to buy our products. So we end up with a scenario where an online store gets lots of visitors but it also suffers from a very high bounce rate.

Have you ever rushed to a store after seeing an irresistible ad in the papers but ended up coming back empty handed after encountering a rude sales person? Customer experience is vital for not only closing a sale but also ensuring return customers and recommendations (or free advertising). Here are a few free online shopping cart tips to help you improve customer experience at your store.

One Page Checkout

Let’s face it, today’s online customers are even more impatient and demanding than ever before. Having someone go through a 3 page checkout is akin to having that same person stand in a 20 meter queue at a supermarket. Thankfully, among the many shopping cart features available with InstanteStore’s solution is the One Page Checkout. This feature not only saves time but has been proven to reduce shopping cart abandonment, thus improve sales.

Product Zoom Tool

We recently blogged about this shopping cart feature. This feature makes it easier for customers to make up their minds on whether to buy a product. It also reduces customer email requesting for a better or bigger image of a product. We all know how important it is to close a sale as soon as possible as the likelihood of a visitor returning at a later time to make a purchase is very low.

Free Chat Software

Sometimes, a visitor may have a question that the website shopping cart FAQ page may not contain the answer for. A quick answer would certainly help towards closing a sale (if its something the visitor wants to hear). The only option that could facilitate a quick reply would be a phone call but this could be a costly avenue for the visitor if there is no toll free number available. If there was a toll free number available, then it would cost the merchant a bit of money to maintain that service. For most of us who run our store from home on a tight budget, this would not be an option. So the next best thing would be to provide a FREE chat software at the store. The free chat software does not take up much bandwidth (unlike Skype) and only needs a reliable connection for it to work. Of course, the major selling point here, on which I can’t stress enough, is that its FREE.

I hope these 3 free online shopping cart tips will help you improve the customer experience at your store. Let us know if you have any ideas of how merchants can raise the level of customer service.

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