Website Shopping Cart Skinny On Buying Pre-Owned Domains

In today’s Website Shopping Cart Skinny, we look at some of the things to look out for when you are out shopping for a used domain.

Purchasing used or pre-owned domains is slowly gaining popularity. There are certain advantages to purchasing a pre-owned domain (in addition to signing up with a secure ecommerce shopping cart) that could help you get a head start when it comes to ranking on major search engines.


Website Shopping Cart Common Mistake To Avoid

If you want to be in Google’s good books then there is one website shopping cart mistake that you must avoid – content duplication. To Google, content duplication is akin to plagiarism. And that’s a big NO in Google’s book.

How Does Google Detect Duplicate Content?

When Google bots visit a website shopping cart page, they take a look at the content and do a quick comparison. If Google detects too many similarities with existing content on another page, it will disregard the content on the new page. This means all the SEO work on the new page will be for naught.


Shopping Cart Help: When To Stop Working On A Keyword

In this installment of shopping cart help, we will try to answer the age old question  “When Can We Stop Working On A Keyword?”

Selecting the right keywords for your website shopping cart is key to getting your integrated shopping cart ranked well and showing up high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for those keywords. Of course, there are other factors (over 200 of them) which also play a part in determining how search engines rate your site. Some people work on a set of keywords for weeks and some work on them for months. The question is, when do you stop? The answer: You don’t. Here’s why:


Website Shopping Cart SEO Don’ts

We spend lots of time researching keywords and building links to our website shopping cart pages. The more inbound links and related outbound links we have, the better it is for our site in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It does not take a genius to create a link which leads back to a website shopping cart page. However, it does require a lot of effort to continue creating fresh links. With this in mind it is always important to create links wisely. This means selecting the right keywords and choosing the best sites to place those links at.

Unfortunately, many merchants have been doing something that is ethically wrong in relation to keyword selection. In addition to this, they have no idea that their actions can be detrimental to their sites, SEO-wise.


3 Key Shopping Cart Features Not Found On Blogshops

Blogshops have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain with more and more people seeking to make some extra cash on the side. However, for every person that buys something from a blogshop, dozens more give it a pass. Security, transition from product browsing to checkout and the general user-friendliness of a blogshop cannot compete with that of a proper shopping cart.

In this article, we shall look at 3 key shopping cart features that are not found on blogshops that can help improve conversion rates. (more…)

Online Shopping Cart Tutorial – Hot Product Search Methods

Merchants need a lot more than just a feature-filled website shopping cart and the best free shopping cart software available to succeed. They need an edge when it comes to products. An edge could mean better pricing, a more accommodating return policy, better customer support, more efficient after-sales service and, of course, the latest item in demand for a particular niche.

But how does one go about finding out about new products, fads and such? Are there any free tools available to help merchants keep abreast with current news regarding products and related industries? We shall attempt to address those questions in this online shopping cart tutorial installment.


Free Online Shopping Cart Tip: Don’t Neglect Customer Experience

Our free online shopping cart tip for the day is ‘Do not neglect customer experience.’ Here’s why. Practically everyone who runs an online store knows the importance of SEO, be it on-page or off-page, paid or organic. The thing is many of us concentrate so much on getting ranked and channeling visitors to our site, we forget the purpose of all this effort – getting people to buy our products. So we end up with a scenario where an online store gets lots of visitors but it also suffers from a very high bounce rate.


Website Shopping Cart Easy Home Based Business News

In our website shopping cart easy home based business news series, we have blogged about using social and micro blogging sites to help with brand building and promotion of products and campaigns.

Today we shall go into a little more detail and see why more and more website shopping cart brands are looking to sites like Facebook to help spread the word.


Free Online Shopping Cart Advice – Content That Converts

You may have asked yourself, “How do I start my own website or web store?” Well, before you sign up for a website shopping cart solution, take a look at a few sites and see how they work. If you’re interested in selling shoes, key in a related search term and look at the results. Browse a few web stores. See which ones interest you enough to stay on and which ones actually compel you to buy from them.

In this installment of our free online shopping cart advice series, we’ll take a look at why content on web pages need not be verbose. We’ll also look at what you should consider when optimizing a web page.