HOT Holiday Numbers To Consider

Hope everyone had a good time selling AND shopping during the Cyber Monday week. While enjoying the holidays, you may want to reflect and plan on next year’s strategy for your online store OR online shopping as a matter of fact.

Consumers spent a whooping $1.25 billion in non-travel purchases online on Cyber Monday this year. Not bad for a one day shopping spree eh? Shows that people still have plenty of shopping to do and this is just the beginning of the holiday season.

Bearing in mind that next year 2012, there will be MORE mobile penetration as smart phone and tablet manufacturers are going to continue flooding the market with cheap smart phones and tablets. And these users would like to shop online, look for coupons, compare prices, etc with their tablets and phones while on the go.

Here’s a glimpse on how much shopping has evolved with more smart phone and tablet users making the most of their gadgets during this holiday season. Citing this from :

Those retailers or businesses who haven’t gotten their sites mobile-optimized had better start scrambling to get it done or risk being completely left out VERY SOON looking at the consumer shopping trend. And to all you InstanteStore merchants out there, it’s super easy to just turn on your Mobile Commerce module. Just click the Mobile Commerce Icon at your store admin panel to activate it right away!

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