How To Create Good Content For Your Store

According to Google, a good site must have these two important features:

  • it must be search engine crawler friendly
  • it must contain good content

Since we’ve taken care of the “search engine crawler friendly” part, let’s look at good content.

What Is Good Content?

Simply put, good content is basically information that people will find useful. For example, if you have a Shirts product category, you might want to talk about the material used, the cut and how it affects size choices, care instructions and so on.

Why Should Your Site Contain Good Content?

To keep it simple:

  1. To get into Google’s good books (does wonders for SEO)
  2. You have a better chance of people linking to you naturally
  3. You have a better chance of converting visits to sales if shoppers find all the information they need on your site

How To Make Use Of Readily Available Information?

Sometimes, vendors may provide you with a certain amount of product information. Unfortunately most of the time this information is not displayed in a very appealing manner. In such cases, you need to dissect the information, reformat it and present it in a more effective way.

Here’s an example:

Product Name: Super N Running Shoes
Gender: Men
Gait: Neutral
Color: Blue/White, Green/White, White/Red, Black/Red. With front, side and rear reflective material.
Size: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 10, 10.5, 11
Width: D, 2E
Weight: 8oz for size 9
Purpose: Race
Upper: Antibacterial, open mesh, memory foam collar, seamless sock liner
Overlay: Welded
Insole: Antibacterial
Mid-sole: Super lightweight foam
Out-sole: Carbon rubber, blown rubber and sticky rubber

What To Do Next

Now all you have to do is segregate the information into categories and apply benefits to the features.

Here is what it could read like:

The Super N Running shoes for men are perfect for those who want a neutral race day shoe which is durable enough to be used for weekly tempo runs, hill repeats or milers.


At 8 ounces for a size 9, the Super N Running Shoes are pretty light. You’ll hardly feel anything when you put them on and you’ll feel less lethargic after a 10k run.


The light weight is achieved with the help of a new mid-sole foam which is 30% lighter than normal foam. Also lightweight blown rubber is used for 70% of the out-sole, cutting down weight further. Sticky rubber provides extra grip when running in the wet while the antibacterial insole works well to keep odor in check.

Upper Material

The open mesh makes it a joy to run in on warm summer days and helps drainage during wet runs. The welded overlays help reduce irritation points and cut down on annoying blisters while the memory foam in the collar and antibacterial sock liner help provide a comfortable fit while keeping odor at bay.

Colors and Sizes

The Super N Running Shoes are available in half sizes from size 7 to 11 and in two widths – D and 2E. Runners can choose from 4 attractive color combinations: Blue/White, Green/White, White/Red, or Black/Red.


For those who like to run in the wee hours of the morning or at night, these shoes come with reflectors on the front, rear and sides of the shoes.

How To Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is frowned upon by Google. So it is important to vary your page content (HTML Titles and HTML Descriptions included).

Sometimes the information provided by vendors for similar products turns out looking almost the same and thus, in order to avoid duplicate content, you’d need to spin the content a little. You can do this by changing 2 or 3 words per sentence, adding a sentence or two per paragraph, changing captions and mixing the order of paragraphs.

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