How To Set Up Shipping In InstanteStore

Configuring shipping doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our shipping module is pretty powerful and can even be configured to charge shipping from multiple origins to both local and international destinations using different shipping methods and shiprates.

Here’s a quick rundown guide on what you need to do and how to set up basic shipping in InstanteStore.

Stuff You Need To Decide

– Where are you planning to ship to? Certain region(s), countries or states?
– Will you be using your own shipping rates or real time rates with USPS, UPS, Fedex or Australia Post?

* Don’t worry, all our plans allow access to real time carrier shipping at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE *

– If you’re using your own shipping rates, please determine how you want to charge the rates.

The below setup guide will cover how to :

1) Determine Target Market (where you want to ship to)
2) Group countries or states into different shipping zones
3) Add Shiprates (how much you want to charge) to your shipping zones
4) Specify Ship From Address
5) Determine weight and package type

Determine Your Target Market

To set up your shipping, just go to Settings > Shipping. You’ll notice 5 different tabs.

Shipping Target Market

The first place to start is to determine your target market. Picking your target market means you’re selecting all the countries that you wish to offer shipping to.

You can select by region or just select by country.

For example, if you’re planning to offer shipping worldwide but would like to specify different rates for different countries or regions like USA, Europe and Australia, just select all and click on the Submit button to confirm.

Tip : Don’t worry if you’re still undecided. Just “Select All” and click “Submit”.

Customize Target Market

That will add all the countries into your target market.

Don’t worry as customers won’t be able to purchase from your store until you allocate your shipping zones and add in your shiprates.

Selected Target Market

Next, you want to set those countries that you wish to ship to into different Shipping Zones. Click on the Shipping Zones tab.

Group Your Shipping Zones

You’ll see all the countries lumped into one zone (Zone 1).

Manage Shipping Zone

Start to group your countries into different shipping zones.

Example : You may group United States into one zone and Australia into another zone. Europe could be broken into several zones or just grouped into one zone depending on your preference while the other countries could be considered worldwide and grouped into another zone.

To do this, click on Modify in Zone 1, select for example United States and choose Shift To New Zone, click “Continue” button.

Shift To New Zone

What you’re doing is moving different countries or region from the worldwide zone into their own zones.

So you would end up with Zone 1 with all the other countries in it except United States (Zone 2), Europe (Zone 3) and Australia (Zone 4). After you’re done setting up your zones, click “Save Settings”.

Shipping Zones

Tip : If you want to offer different shipping rates to different states within a country like United States, you’ll need to group the different states into different zones. Select CS on United States and click Save Settings.

For example, if you want Hawaii and Alaska to be grouped together, select them and “Add New Zone” > Do Action and click “Save Settings”. They’ll be grouped into Zone 6.

Assign States To Zone

Set Up Your Shipping Methods And Shiprates

Once you’ve selected the target market and created the shipping zones for the country, region or states of your choice, you may then set up your shipping methods by adding shiprates (how much you want to charge) for specific zones.

Click on the Shipping Methods tab, click “Add Shipping Method”.

Shipping Methods Tab

First, give your shipping method a name.

For example if you’re going to use USPS to handle your shipping within USA, you can call it “United States – USPS” and then click on Add Shiprates.

Name Shiprates

Adding Your Shiprates

You can choose to charge shipping by either :

– selecting UPS, USPS, Fedex, Australia Post, easyParcel real time carrier rates
– based on a flat fee per order
– based on base fee + flat fee per item
– based on base fee + package weight
– based on base fee + percentage of order value
– based on base fee + weight / quantity / price pair

You could also choose to set either :

– A minimum or maximum charge
– Free shipping based on quantity of order
– Free shipping based on value of order

Please remember to pick the respective zones for each shiprate that you add.

Example : A merchant wants to offer flat fee shipping worldwide @ $10, to United States @ $5.99, to Europe @ $6.99 and to Australia @ $8.99. Free shipping if orders are above $100.

Based on the example, merchant will select Flat Fee per order (key in $5.99) + select free shipping based on value order (key in $100) + select the USA zone 2. Click on Add Shiprates.

Add Shiprates Flat Fee


Add Shiprates Free Shipping Zone

Confirm Shiprates

Click “Done” or continue to “Add Shiprates” for the other respective zones.

Real Time Carrier Rates

If you prefer to use real time carrier rates, just select the carrier of your choice and pick the service you wish to use.

InstanteStore is integrated with UPS, USPS, Fedex, Australia Post and easyParcel.

Real Time Carrier Shipping

You have the option to add in additional processing fee as well. Please remember to select the zone that you wish to apply the service to.

Ship From Address

If you are using UPS, USPS, Fedex, Australia Post or easyParcel for real time rates, please key in your address details in the Ship From Address section so that the respective courier company could trace either your zipcode or address for real time shipping rates.

Ship From Address

Shipment Properties

Here you may choose the weight unit for your products (eg. in pounds, kilograms, etc) and to pick the dimensions of your order packaging size. Click “Update Shipment Properties” once done.

Shipment Properties

Please Publish your store after all the changes have been made.

That’s it!

Please remember to test out your shipping configuration.

However, if you have any questions about shipping or need help with the configuration, pleaseĀ send us a ticket and we’ll definitely get back to you.

And did you know that a good shipping strategy can help increase online sales?

Don’t have a store yet? Set up one with our free 15 day trial now.

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