Do We Need Human Assisted Shopping In Our Ecommerce Store?

Have you ever wondered why your potential customers abandon your store’s shopping cart? Is it because your products are too price or perhaps they can’t find the item they are looking to purchase. Or could it be because your store isn’t attractive enough. It’s important that you take action to remove all these reasons since you want to attract as many visitors as possible and convert them into paying customers.

The easiest way to help visitors find their product more easily is by adding a search functionality to your site. By adding this function, visitors can search for the products they want conveniently. If you already offer users this function, you might want to explore utilizing a human assisted shopping tool or perhaps an automated virtual sales agent.

What else? Read on to find out…

It’s no secret that consumers feel that customer service is important when making a buying decision. And nobody likes to wait during the busiest time of year. Therefore, if merchants are going to cater to their customers’ needs, then providing multi-channel customer service options this holiday season should become your top priority.

There has been a survey to measure consumer sentiment on receiving human assistance while shopping online, surprisingly the results show that many participants in the survey reported a lack of human assisted shopping. In other words, your potential customers are telling you they WANT HELP.  So, it’s your job to help them. How?

There are plenty of free chat programs available such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger. These work but you’re assuming your visitor has either Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger installed on their computer. That’s not always the case. A much better solution would be a dedicated “support live chat” system that lets your website visitors chat with you without requiring extra software.

There are plenty of live chat programs available, each priced differently and with its own pros and cons. To help you convert more visitors to customers, the InstanteStore team is developing a live chat software that will be given free to all InstanteStore merchants. We’re still busy working on it to make sure it’s one of the best (if not the best) free live chat software around. So, look out for that in the near future!

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