Loads Of Traffic Flowing In From PPC But Still No Sales?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a great way to drive traffic to your store fast. The process is simple enough. You sign up for a PPC account, key in a few keywords to trigger your ad impressions (appearances) and you’re more or less done. People see your ads, click on the links and you get charged for every click.

“However, if you are not careful, you might end up with lots of traffic but no sales”

So you’ve got lots of people visiting your site thanks to PPC, but no one’s buying. What’s up with that?

Use Proper Keywords

Here’s the thing, many merchants choose keywords which have too broad a scope. For example, if you choose Samsung TV as a keyword to trigger your ads, you’ll end up getting people looking for anything and everything that has to do with Samsung TV clicking your ad link.

This will literally cost you dearly because you’ll have people dropping by your store without making purchases. Your bounce rate will hit the roof as a result, and Google will note this as a bad keyword match.

You can’t afford to play the numbers game when it comes to PPC. Your keywords have to be very focused. You have to know exactly who you are targeting when you do your keyword research so that you know which keywords to select.

Hence, Samsung TV just won’t cut it. For PPC, try to target a niche category or actual product pages for the keywords that you select. For example, Samsung LED TV would do nicely for a category page and Samsung 42 inch LED TV would be accurate enough for a product page.

Make Attractive Offers

What is the first thing you look out for before you would even consider purchasing a particular product from a store?

Price plays a big part in the decision making process of practically every shopper – online or offline. Many stores get loads of traffic from PPC as well as from organic search results, but all the traffic in the world means nothing if it doesn’t convert to customers. That’s the bottom line.

So make sure your prices are competitive. Do a little competitor research to see where you stand. No store can boast having the lowest prices for every single product on their shelves so concentrate on the ones where you have a definite advantage over your competitors.

Shoppers also look out for goodies like Free Shipping. If you provide Free Shipping for purchases over $50, for example, don’t just hide that piece of good news at the bottom of the page. Do it up nicely in a banner, place it in the Content Slider (among other slides/banners) and slap that right at the top of the page.

Apart from price and special offers, everyone wants to be assured that they are shopping at a place that is secure. So take a little effort to make it obvious to visitors that your site is a safe place to shop.

Make It Easy For People To Shop

Many merchants come very close to getting heart attacks when they see their aborted order lists. In extreme cases, for every completed order, 9 are aborted. Studies have shown that many carts are abandoned because the checkout process is just too long for some shoppers. To remedy this, activate the EasyCheckoutâ„¢ feature as an option to shoppers. This will make it convenient for shoppers who are short of time to complete the checkout process fast.

Also, make it known very early, where you do not ship your products to. Shoppers get really irritated when they find out their location is not on the shipping list at the very last part of the checkout process. This would leave them no choice but to abort the order. If shoppers are properly informed, they can make arrangements for goods to be sent to a transit address (Freight and Mail Forwarder with Consolidating and Personal Shopper Services) which is on the shipping list, before the items are shipped to their final destination. Most shoppers are not actually aware of such services so feel free to let them in on it.

Here’s a little tip. You can still salvage some of the aborted orders on your store if you contact those shoppers within 24 hours of the fact. Numerous surveys have shown that as much as 15% of abandoned carts can be salvaged if proper action is taken within this time frame. You can conveniently contact these shoppers via automated email which is a feature that’s available for free with our solution. I would suggest you tweak the content of the email so that it has a personal touch to it. Don’t forget to throw in some goodies like a $5 gift certificate or 10% off the next order to make it more appealing.

Final Say

If the fish aren’t biting, take a look at the bait. Remember to keep your keywords up-to-date. Some may be on the downtrend so you may need to look out for newer ones to fill the void. Remember also to keep your site fresh and attractive with new offers and discounts.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on PPC and conversion in general . Do leave us a comment.

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