Include A Physical Discount Coupon With Your Products

A few months ago, I purchased a pair of shoes online from a shoe store located on the other side of the planet. What surprised me was that they included a physical discount coupon with the item they sent. It actually turned out to be a good idea because I kept the coupon as a bookmark.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to find anything to use it on. But it did serve its purpose by getting me to visit their site again. Following that, I have received monthly newsletters in my email informing me of promotions and of the latest products in store. Also included in the newsletters are more discount codes.

One thing I think they should have included on their physical discount coupon is a QR code. This would have made it easier for me to visit their site by just scanning the code with my smartphone. Mobile shopping is on the uptrend and merchants should take advantage of this.

A QR (Quick Response) code is a nifty way to store information such as a URL on an area the size of a small stamp. You can download QR code generators and readers for free for PCs as well as for smartphones. You can also use an online QR code generator such as this.

QR codes need not be boring and may incorporate design elements of your store’s template. Take a look at these examples. But before you start displaying your code, be sure to do two things. First, ensure that it can be successfully scanned. Second, ensure that the code resolves to a mobile landing page, if you have one available.

Do share your experiences with discount coupons and QR codes with us in the comment section.

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